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TRW is celebrating its 30th Anniversary Saturday, September 20
Luncheon and Fashion Show
Viscount Suite Hotel
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A Message From Tucson Republican Women’s President Donna Alu



I want to thank Representative Justin Pierce and Senator Michele Reagan, candidates for Secretary of State, for the great presentations they gave at our July luncheon. They were both very informative and congenial.

This month we will feature two candidates from Tucson Unified District: Debe Campos Fleenor and Michael Hicks, a sitting board member.

We need to let people living in this district know how important it is to vote and defeat Adelita Grijalva, who has been instrumental in pushing La Raza Studies, which serve to alienate American children of Mexican descent. They are propagandized to believe that they have been victimized by the majority culture and taught to hate our country. We need to do better to truly educate all our children.

 -Donna Alu



Saturday, 9/20
 Luncheon & Fashion Show

The Viscount Suite Hotel
clothing provided by 
Maya Palace

 RSVP  by 9/15 with our Reservation Chair: Caroline Straub at

    520-722-7447 or 
email her at:

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