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A Message From Tucson Republican Women’s President Donna Alu


President’s Message
Congratulations to Governor-Elect Doug Ducey and all other Republicans who won the General Election in Arizona, including State Representative-Elect from LD2 Chris Ackerley.
   Unfortunately, there are thousands of ballots still to be counted so we don't have the results of many races. We are hoping for a win for Martha McSally, Todd Clodfelter and State Representative Ethan Orr.
   We all worked so hard making telephone calls and knocking on doors and now it is time to turn from politics to Caring for the Holiday Season.
   Berta Riley's church has done incredible work with African refugees and we are looking forward to hearing all about it this month.
    We also are looking forward to electing a new TRW Board at our November
luncheon. I want to thank the Nominating Committee: Parralee Schneider, Chair; Olga Aguilar and Phyllis Kell. They did a wonderful job.

–Donna Alu 



Saturday, 11/24
 Luncheon Meeting

The Viscount Suite Hotel
11:30 Social
Noon Meeting

 RSVP  by 11/18 with our Reservation Chair: Caroline Straub at

    520-722-7447 or 
email her at:

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