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A Message From Tucson Republican Women’s President Donna Alu


 The Tucson Republican Women Luncheon with the Candidates was a great event. The candidates were all very informative and we even made some money for the PAC and for our club. Thank you again to Maureen Leith and Parralee Schneider and the committee who worked so hard to make this event successful. 
 I've enjoyed attending our Happy Hours; thank you to Ann Hollis for organizing these events. 
This is a very exciting election year and we have many capable people running for office in our state. I am looking forward to hearing the candidates for Treasurer at our May luncheon. 
–Donna Alu 



Monday 5/19

May Luncheon

The Viscount Suite Hotel

 RSVP  by 5/13 with our Reservation Chair: Caroline Straub at

    520-722-7447 or 
email her at:

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